Warm welcome,

the studio is my refuge, the place where I can run away from the fast-pace life. Being surrounded by the forest, the peace and quiet I can carry out my authorial handbags’ projects – single specimens or short series. I make sure, that each and every one of them is made of carefully selected materials.

My long-term passion is the foundation of the finest purse-making craftsmanship, I refuse to take short cuts, that is why the formation of each handbag is a truly special moment. I play with colour, combine sophisticated materials, textures, and all that in accordance with the most fashionable trends.

I love vegetation, travels, and also taking pictures of interesting architecture, this is what I find a true source of my inspiration. The design, which is precisely sketched and worked out for many days in my studio obtains a proper shape and form. I decompose the entire structure of the handbag into its prime factors, finding the relevant technological solutions, adjusting the stiffeners, ferrules, clasps, strands. After having used the appropriate preparatory techniques, I begin to stitch numerous
hand-cut elements.

As soon as the handbag is completely finished, it goes to the photo studio, where the photographer and me make our best effort to reflect the look of the handbag in the most realistic way. A handbag with a “Kropki3” label on it, which starts its journey has the adequate durability as well as the functionality. I make sure it will gratify its future owner for the long time.

The time, which I spend in the studio is my source of strength and incredible energy, that I wish to share with all of you.

Please feel free to be my guests, take a look around and find yourselves something truly unique.

Should you have any questions, I invite you to contact me directly via e-mail or telephone.




Bożena Pacan

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